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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A New Look...

This post is about my kitchen, you know, the heart of the home... Well, a while back we "paid" someone to wallpaper our kitchen. My husband and I are really DIYers but were just plain tired and decided to pass this on to a "professional". wrong move. This is what was happening to our lovely kitchen:

and this:

So, we decided to do this:

and this:

We had to repair the drywall in places.

What a mess.

After all repairs were made, we had the walls textured and added the same neutral paint that is in the den. IKEA curtains were temporarily added instead of valances. It was a totally different look.

I liked the long panels but wanted something else. For inspiration, I turned to Blogland and Houzz. After viewing 4 billion windows, I decided to add a bit of color that could still stay neutral. {Does that  make sense?}

I headed to my fabric store and brought home these swatches:

To keep the cost down, I decided to keep the originial tan striped valances, just tweak them a bit, and add the floral and black.

What do you think?

I'm joining Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for her Metamorphosis Monday. Be sure to drop by for loads of inspiration!


  1. Love your new curtains. You've done a great job. But, that is truly disgusting that a professional did that work. Can you do anything to recoup some costs or at least report them? Stories like this make me so mad. We have a friend who paid top dollar for a kitchen installation. The stainless steel splash backs are peeling away, and the laminate on the cupboard next to the oven is being ruined from the heat.

    Lisa x

  2. Beautiful job! I love the finished product, and the fabrics you chose are beautiful!

  3. Oh my! The same thing happened to me years ago...but I had blocked it out of my memory! lol The one and only time I've done wallpaper. By the next morning, it was all slipping off the walls! I called her and she did come back, but it wasn't much better when she left. AND she complained about it too!
    Your curtains look great. :)
    Dropping by from Met Monday, with a post on repurposed shelving.


  4. I'm visiting your blog for the first time. I came over from Met Monday @ BNOTP. I love the curtains; great idea to add to what you already have. I also really like the painted walls.

  5. Cute, Cute. I love the touches of black. Of course I love black....

  6. Great option to add some pattern yet still keep things neutral. I like the fabrics you chose for the valance piece. Too bad about the wallpaper, although I do know the pains of removing it!

  7. Love the new look, how did you attached the curtain panels and the new valance?

  8. Great add on to your curtains, I love the fabrics you chosen. As for the paper hanger I think I'd be looking for him for a refund!

  9. I like them!! How do you have them hanging up there?? I can't see a curtain rod or anything.

  10. Love the "new" curtains. Thanks for your wonderful ideas!


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