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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The "Good" Old Days...The Jail

Now let me say that I am the scaredist scaredy-cat you ever met.
I don't like to be scared and I won't scare others.
It's just not my thing.
No scary movies or stories...
Nope...not for me.
So don't worry, this post really isn't scary.
It's just that being in an old jail is kinda creepy.
But it was daylight
and there was a docent
and my husband
and a few other people. we go...
Let me begin by saying that the building itself was pretty.
Bricks are always attractive, aren't they?

Now the bars on the window were a giveaway that this historic site was indeed a jail.
It was built in 1886 - opened in 1887.

The ground floor was the booking area and living quarters for the sheriff.

improvised kitchen

The second floor were the cells.

It was interesting seeing the actual places where criminals were held.
We could enter the cells, but the docent asked us not to close the doors, just in case the old hinges would get stuck.
No problem.

This next photo is an interesting shot...
see the taped off section?

Yep...trap door.
Above this section was a metal circle to hold the rope for a hanging.

And even though there was documentation on the actual rope... wasn't actually used. 
In fact, no hangings were ever held at this site.

But going up the stairs, the trap door was clearly evident.

We had to watch our step on the way down... the steps were narrow and steep
(and well worn.)

Whew...we made it...that's it!
The "Good" old days "Old Jail".

Up next...the "Terror on Highway 59."
(right around the corner from this site- yikes!!)


  1. WOW! Old beautiful jail it is! And for someone that is a scaredy cat (ME TOO) you are about to scare me with the next post! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. No worries, Cindy...the "bad guys" have been caught!


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