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Monday, June 16, 2014

The "Good" Old Days...

This past weekend, we happened upon a hidden "Old Town"
approximately 30 or so miles from our home.
This site was the original square, 
but after a fire burned most of the buildings, 
the "businesses" were relocated several blocks away.
What's left at this site?

the jail

That's it. 
But the historical society wanted to reconstruct the area,
so buildings were brought in from surrounding towns.

a post office
a general store
a corn crib
a railroad station
a school

Being in education for many years, this two room school house caught my attention.

One side was for grades 1-4
the other side for grades 5-7.

And these rules were posted on their historic website:

*  Teachers each day will fill lamps, clean chimneys.
*  Each teacher will bring a bucket of water and a scuttle of coal for the day's session.
*  Make your pens carefully.  You may whittle nibs to the individual tastes of the pupil.
*  Men teachers may take one evening each week for courting purposes or two evenings a week if they go to church regularly.
*  After ten hours in school, the teachers may spend the remaining time reading the Bible or other good books.
*  Women teachers who marry or engage in unseemly conduct will be dismissed.
*  Every teacher should lay aside from each pay a goodly sum of his earnings for his benefit during his declining years so that he will not become a burden on society.
*  Any teacher who smokes, used liquor in any forms, frequents pool or public halls or gets shaved in a barbershop will give good reason to suspect his worth, intention, integrity and honesty.
*  The teacher who performs his labor faithfully and without fault for five years will be given an increase of twenty-five cents per week in his pay, providing the Board of Education approves.


Good students in early schools were expected to earn more than high marks.  There were many rules to follow and duties to perform.  The schoolmaster really was the 'master' of his pupils.  Children were told to obey the master of the school even if obedience meant having to stand still while being strapped.  Here are a some rules for students.
*  Respect your schoolmaster.  Obey him and accept his punishments.
*  Do not call your classmates names of fight with them.  Love and help each other.
*  Never make noises or disturb your neighbors as they work.
*  Be silent during classes.  Do not talk unless it is absolutely necessary.
*  Do not leave your seat without permission.
*  No more than one student at a time may go to the washroom.
*  At the end of the class, wash your hands and face.  Wash your feet if they are bare.
*  Bring firewood into the classroom for the stove whenever the teacher tells you to.
*  Go quietly in and out of the classroom.
*  If the master calls your name after class, straighten the benches and tables.  Sweep the room, dust and leaving everything tidy. 

times have sure changed!

Now, if I have spurred your curiosity for this little "Old Town", check back with me.
I took many interesting pictures of the different structures. 
And... there's more...
and yes,
Stay tuned, the plot will thicken!


  1. I enjoyed looking at the pics! I love old stuff like this. Couldn't help but laugh at the rules for teachers and students! Not so sure the students doesn't still need some of these rules! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Cindy, I know! Weren't they funny! And yes, I agree, some of those rules are truly gems!!

  2. I'm intrigued! Can't wait to read more of the mystery.

    1. Thanks for visiting! This place is a bit creepy...and the story is true!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ok, Sharlotte... I'm in suspense... so looking forward to hearing more.... keep those posts coming!

    1. Got it, Susie! I'm working on the pictures from the original jail next! Stay tuned!


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