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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Adventure...Chapter 2

Blogland has opened so many windows and doors in my life...
it's been a place to learn,
a place to document happenings,
a place to practice skills,
and a place to share with others who hold the same passions.

Blogland inspires me every day.
Pinterest is great, but with blogs you learn about the people behind the blogs.
You learn their stories and they become friends.

after retirement 
and after reading so many lovely stories here on blogland, 
I decided to turn the page 
begin Chapter 2 of my life...
starting a small business.

I knew I'd like a partner to join in the fun, 
so I asked the logical person...
my sister.
She's very talented, has such a great eye,
is completely honest with me.
If an idea stinks, she tells me.
(And vise versa)

We decided to take the hobbies we've spent countless hours on 
and weave them into our business.

We love all things vintage, making something out of nothing, and using our God given talents.

Enter: Sharlotte's Reflections, the Shoppe.

Now, to find an outlet:
Etsy ?
Ebay ?
Craigslist ?
Antique Shop ?

We researched all the above and decided on a hands-on shop.
Starting out small, we landed in a salon in Beaumont.
The owner, Jill, was thrilled to have us join her team. 
It was a great place to "try out" items and meet the clients. 
It's been a wonderful partnership, one we hope to keep for a long time.

As we grew, we wanted to try a different demographic.
 We visited place after place but none felt right.
we walked into Mimi's on Main 
located on the historical main street of Conroe, Texas

It was like Cinderella...
the shoe fit.

To those of you who haven't visited, 
I thought I'd give a little tour.

Gayle, the owner is Mimi herself.
She is the most amazing woman...we think of her as a swan.
Beautiful, gracious, and calm
and underneath it all, is paddling as fast as she can go.
She has an eye for detail, amazing talent, and the sweetest smile.
Each and every day, she makes sure everyone feels welcome...
there are treats to warm your heart.

She always has the store front eye-catchingly (is that even a word?) decorated...
filled to the brim with eye candy. 

Her husband is an avid collector and a history buff. 
Just browsing her booths could be a history lesson in itself!

See the seed store cabinet above? The one with the red SOLD tag on it?
Yep, it's not mine, but boy, would it look great in my kitchen!
I just wasn't quick enough!

Each dealer adds their own twist to Mimi's.
There's so much variety...

...something for everyone!

There's vintage glassware, dishes, and jewelry.

There's also furniture, books, linens, lamps, paintings...

and even whimsical items.

My friend Barbara always has the cutest things....she's stocked with French poodles, pink feather boas, and this doll house. Isn't it precious? It makes me want to find my Barbies!
And just look at this sweater!!
I love all things having to do with timepieces.

I need to check the size on this one!

Then there is our booth neighbor, Charlotte.
Her things always make me want to say, "ooh la la" too!

So if you're a collector, you'll just have to stay a while and browse till your heart is content.

These items above belong to another friend, the store manager, Charlene.
She has exquisite things in her booths...and they go fast!
Charlene might even be the one to greet you as you enter the store, you'll recognize her instantly. She's the one with the twinkling eyes, the warmest smile, and the most gracious southern charm. 

And finally, for all the "do-it-yourself" friends, 
you can find chalk paint and wax for all your favorite projects.

Joining the fun at Mimi's on Main has been a blessing in our lives.
We've met amazing new friends and absolutely love being a part of the team.
Drop by and visit, you'll love Mimi's too!

aka: Sharlotte's Reflections


  1. If I lived near there, that would most definitely be a haunt for me. I love the look of the whole thing. I also love the fact that you and your sister are starting this brand new adventure together. (Yes, I know the word is technically just venture, but when your venture is something fun, and you are doing it with someone you love, it becomes more of an ad-venture. Don't you think?)

  2. Congratulations on your journey in life! Asking our Lord to bless you beyond your imagination! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Sounds like your "Chapter 2" is really going well! I love this store you've found! Thanks for sharing the pictures Great way to start my day! Happy 2014!

  4. So happy for you, Sharlotte!


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