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Friday, October 1, 2010

How Cute are These?!

My sister made the cutest tassels!
This first one was orginally a Christmas ornament.

I think it's perfect for Fall, but I'll bet it stays out all year long.

Her second tassel was actually a salt shaker she found at an antique shop. It didn't have a mate {or I would have picked it up!}

Aren't they both precious!
Thanks for the pics, Sis!

I'm linking with Laura over at Along for the Ride for her Saturday Crafty Day.


  1. Very pretty tassels. That's a great idea with the bird, it's so cute. Love the deer too.


  2. Oh so cute. I guess I should turn some of my orphan s & p shakers into tassels. Now if I could just figure out how??

  3. They are both stunning. I love them. So different and so unusual, but gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  4. I really do love them both! I love to see the creative tassels that others make out of random things. I don't have that talent. I really admire it!

  5. I LOVE tassels - and I think these are just awsome! Great photos and such creativity - love, love these!


  6. You guys are so creative and talented. Who would have thought "salt shakers"? I love the colorful parrot tassel. *hugs*


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