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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do Over...

I've been in my profession for almost 30 years and have had a great time.
I sometimes wonder what I would be doing if I would have selected a different career.
If I had a "do over", would I choose something different?

Would you?

I've always had an unwavering interest in homes, especially historic homes.
I love the craftmanship. The story these lovely gems must have.

And...when I see homes in disrepair, I just want to step right up and start working on them.
I've never been scared of  hard work and can readily admit when I'm in over my head and need to call in the professionals.

Then there is the issue of homes/buildings being torn down with no regard to recycling.
It breaks my heart when period items {windows, doornobs, doors, trim, fixtures, etc.} are destroyed.
I've been to repurposing warehouses, what an inspiration!

All this to say...
today, I visited a great blog, Hooked on Houses. {Julia's blog is always a treat to visit, especially if you love houses.} Her post was on abandoned houses. I was intrigued...what would they look like? Would they be worth repair? Was there hope?
Well, take a look for yourself here.

What was going to happen to these? Who would sweep them up and love them?
Are they on the, "to demolish" list?
If only I could purchase a few one. I'd LOVE the chance to turn them back into beauties!

Hm...if money only grew on trees.

Here are a few that caught my eye from the above site:
Do you think they are worth saving?

{Rapunzel, Rapunzel....let down your golden hair.}

Thanks for visiting, enjoy your day!

If you're interested in reading more about repurposing, here are a few sites:


  1. Wow...those homes are incredible...what they must have been like when they were new!

  2. If money were no object... I would certainly love to take those homes and be able to restore them to their original beauty. Wouldn't it be fun? Each one has a distinctive personality. I can't decide which is my favorite. I can just visualize the mouldings, the doors, the rolled glass. Beautiful!

  3. I l-o-v-e old houses and would save every single one if I could! It always breaks my heart when I see homes that you know were once beautiful and loved but now are falling down. Of course, it cost sooooo much to renovate them and I guess many just don't want to put the money into them it would take. There used to be this fabulously beautiful old hotel here in town that was torn down. Now everyone greatly regrets that that happened. But to answer your original, I'd probably not "do over" my career. I am a retired teacher (still working in education) and I would definitely do it all over again. However, I do wish God had given me a few more talents that I could have dabbled in!

  4. These photos break my heart. I live in a 125 year old historic home and there is nothing like it. The craftsmanship is amazing. There are many quite a few houses like the photos in our community too and I just want to buy them all and restore them to their original charm.
    Our house was actually scary looking when we bought it, but I saw through it to the beauty that it must of once been and could be again. It's been very rewarding to restore it, but alot of work. Yes, I often wish I could have a do over. I would do many things different, including my career choices, but I also think that you can have more than one career in your lifetime and that it's never too late to change.


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