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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green thumbs...

My grandmother was a master gardener. She passed on her skills to her children, and my mother passed on things to my sister and me. I guess you could say that we've all liked to dabble in the dirt.

My grandmother always had special concoctions that she used on her plants. I seem to remember hearing about egg shells, coffee grounds, pickle juice, and newspapers. I'm not sure which plants she used these things on, but rest assured, she had the most beautiful yard around.{Her flowers were even used in her childrens' weddings!}

My mother has a large lush yard that is very well manicured. She has help but she's the landscape designer. Each day she goes out and "plays" and is always adding something new.

My sister and her husband also have a large yard, but their space has more of a tropical feel. They have a gorgeous outside space with sitting areas, a pool, and kitchen. There is no need for them to travel to exotic places, they can simply walk outdoors!

Then there is my yard. I live in the heart of suburbia and have a postage size yard. I'm OK with it because it's just my size. Large enough for me to handle but not too large. I've been inspired by my family and have made it a goal this year to make it lush and welcoming.

All this to say, I have something to share today...amaryllis lillies. About twenty years ago, I took about seven bulbs from my grandmother's home and transplanted them to a side bed at my home. Each year they seem to multiply and now I have quite a showing!

The stems are so strong, sturdy, and about 18" tall!

I think it's so neat the way the petals curl.

...amazing vibrant color....

...amazing detail...

Simply amazing!

I'm linking with Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for her Outdoor Wednesday. Be sure to stop by for amazing outdoor shots!

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  1. Sharlotte,
    Your flowers are sooooo PRETTY...and your pics are beautiful! Hope you have a beautiful week:)


  2. They are BEAUTIFUL. I am quite surprised that they are blooming already. Daylilies usually bloom later here. I think that you should submit your pictures to Southern Living. They are just breath-taking.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  3. They are sooo beautiful. The colors are so vibrant and lovely. And so is your blog. I have totally loved my visit here today. I just bought some fabric to make some napkins and now you have further inspired me!

    I am your newest "follower"! I look forward to keeping up with your posts!

  4. Those are so pretty!! Love the colors and your photos are awesome!

  5. oh my, they are incredibly beautiful! i bet the neighbors are admiring your garden.:p

  6. WOW! Beautiful! I have never seen amaryllis planted in a garden, only in pots to force bloom during the winter. I think your gardening family members will be very impressed!

  7. Wow such gorgeous lillies. You are fortunate to have a green thumb :-)


  8. pretty!! I love the lily's in the red and white. Most of mine are pastel. How lucky you are to have learned about gardening from the best!!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  9. They are just lovely. I am always the one who 'saves' everyone's amarylis from Christmas time and they never cease to amaze me. Yours are spectacular. They are truly a great plant to 'inherit'. Thank you for posting them.

  10. I just ventured over from Molly's place, and the glorious BRIGHT of the amaryllis was a wonderful introduction to your colorful blog. I don't think I've ever seen such perfection in so many of the blooms.

    I loved the story of your Grandmother---my own Mammaw was the gardener in our family. She was a plain old Southern woman, with a gift for making anything grow, and her own amaryllis were bountiful and prolific, slowly creeping from one end of the bed to the other.

    She called a single flower or bulb an "amarillo," as in Texas, just as when she gave you a single coleus cutting, it was a "colea."

    I'll be back often, to go back and back into your wonderful, colorful pages.


  11. Phenomenal blooms, Ms. Sharlotte! My Mom loved these flowers but I don't remember her growing them. ??? I wonder if we can here in OH ?? Will investigate. They look awesome!
    I've used the egg shells in water for plants & put used coffee grounds around my gardenias & azaleas but I've never heard of using pickle juice! :D More to investigate!

    Thanks for sharing such lovely photos.


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