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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do You Have a Set of These?

I've seen this pattern all over the place... from Ross to's apparently timeless...

Desert Rose

I grew up with this set.
My mother had a set.
My maternal grandmother had a set.
My paternal grandmother had a set.

And now I proudly have inherited a set!

My set is a little "chippy", but I'm alright with that...I think it gives my dishes character.
They've been loved.

I really like the handles on the pieces...too cute.

I've added some little friends since it's almost spring.

My set is for four, but with the extra pieces, it's really quite a lot!

I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her Tablescape Thursday. Be sure to stop by her party for loads of inspiration!

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Enjoy your day!


  1. These are so beautiful, you would not believe but I sold a set of crystal at a yard sale not realizing their beauty or their value, they were hand painted and probably worth a lot of money, however they were given to me by my mom-in-law at the sweet age of 18 and I had NO brains! Every time I see this pattern I just get my foot out and swing it around for a good swat on the you know what. I will, someday, have another set.

  2. Sharlotte, this is a very lovely set. I know you Are proud to own a set. I have seen it before and just think it is the best. Chips to me just show they were loved.
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely tablescape.

  3. Your tablescape is just gorgeous. I love your dishes. My sister had a set of these dishes. They really are beautiful and so timeless. Hugs, Marty

  4. I love the desert rose pattern. I don't have any of these dishes but every time I see them I think how beautiful they are.

  5. I love your bright and cheerful dining area that showcases the lovely rose dishes.

  6. Sharlotte...I agree. Desert Rose is timeless. I absolutely love how you put the bunnies with your tablescape. I never have thought of doing that before. Very springy!

  7. My grandmother had the Franciscan "Desert Rose" pattern but I didn't inherit it. :(

    A friend of mine made the mistake of using her grandmother's old set in the microwave & dishwasher. The finish is now all crazed & worn. She was just sick about it. She has since bought herself the newer reproductions of the same pattern & can now put those in the dishwasher. Do be careful with your pretty new dishes until you know for sure which ones you have.

    Visit "" for a complete of identifying hallmarks.
    There are tips on daily use and care of your Franciscan Ware in the microwave, oven and dishwasher.
    There is information on health issues dispelled concerning "Lead" too.

    We both seem to love old plates, huh?? LOL!!! ;D

  8. I love that pattern. How pretty. Be blessed. Cindy

  9. I've never seen a set like this before, but it so beautiful. I don't mind things chippy, it only adds to the character and memories... deedee

  10. I guess I don't get around...I've never seen a set like that before and it is so beautiful and cheerful. Joni

  11. Franciscan Desert Rose (introduced 1941) is, believe it or not, the most sold American dinnerware of all time. And with good reason- it's lovely!! I want some!
    xoxo Pattie

  12. Oh my these look so fabulous for Easter! My great grandmother had a set, my mother had a humongous set and has given them to my niece. Now I am wishing I had them! My mom has the Franciscan Apple which I borrow occasionally, and I am trying to acquire some Franciscan Ivy from "I Love Lucy" fame. You have just made a breathtaking table and I have not seen anyone with that pattern around here in blogland. I'm just drooling over it. It is fabulous!!!

  13. Like you I have a history with Desert Rose - they belonged to my Grandmother and now to my Mother. I love them! Warmed my heart to see them today. The dishes I use on my St. Patrick's tablescape belonged to my other Grandmother.

  14. How fortunate you were to inherit such a lovely set as Desert Rose. It was one of my mother's favorites. She only had a few pieces, but she always loved & wanted more. Her best piece was a large pitcher. So pretty.

  15. Beautiful table! So glad you now have your own set. Several years ago when my mother-in-law had to move out of her home, she gave my husband (and me!) her lovely set of Desert Rose. She is now almost 90 years old and will be in our home for the Easter holidays. I plan to use her beautiful dishes for Easter lunch. I know she will love seeing them again!

  16. Your post brought back memories. My mother had a set, as does an elderly cousin. When Mother died my cousin asked to purchase them. I said no, I wasn't ready to let go. Then came five long years of her decline and constant care. This cousin, who is on Daddy's side -- no blood relation to Mother -- was the only one of his family to continue to visit her devotedly. One day I gave her the dishes. She was thrilled.

    Your table is lovely.


  17. I remember that pattern from back in the 50-60's, seemed like everyone had a set.
    Your table is lovely...really like the little compotes.

  18. How fortunate you are to have a history with these dishes. My mother-in-law bought hers at J. C. Penney, when my husband and I found them on sale for $20 for 4. We picked her up and she bought 8 for $40, in the early 70's. My husband and I were in L.A. in the 80's and found a store selling some extra pieces. We went to the factory in California but it had just been closed permanently. We even carried them back on the plane. Every holiday we would buy her a piece. One of the unique pieces is a piggy used for a bank. She has been gone awhile, but she really loved them. My husband and I have them and have the memories. It will be great for you to make your memories! Pam from Dallas, Texas Tea Party, blog.! Oh, I recently bought a Desert Rose boxed tea set with 4 cups and saucers at T. J. Maxx marked down to $30.

  19. What a lucky Lady you are, inheriting the precious collections of dear ones.

    Cute & so me setting you have.

    Happy day!

  20. Your table is just beautiful. This pattern does bring back memories of my grandmother's table, too. When they sold their house they sold many household items at auction. This set was one of the best sellers. She did keep several special serving pieces which she passed on to me and which I treasure.


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