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Friday, February 5, 2010

Well loved shoes...

I just love special things that have a story.

Can't you tell these shoes must have a story?

They look loved...
like they've worked so hard...
for someone really special.

If you could feel them,
they would be so very soft to your touch.

I wondered why they weren't replaced as they began to wear and crack.
But the owner just smiled and said,
"...they're just perfect!"

Do you know what she does?

Yes, she's an organist...
and my Mom.
I've never known her without her organ shoes.
I think they are neat.
I like that they have been patched, are cracked, and worn just adds to their charm.

If you've heard a great organist...
then you know what I'm talking about.
There's something very special
about someone who has the ability to play music
in such a way
that brings tears to your eyes.

It moves you,
it's food for your soul...
the end.


  1. What a beautiful post and loving tribute to your mother!

    Angelic Accents

  2. I have tears in my eyes now after reading and viewing this beautiful post. So very touching!

  3. Your sister here.... I can confirm everything you've stated on your post! Sis, do you think we could ever fill her shoes?!

  4. Lovely post for something/someone that is usually overlooked. The organist generally becomes part of the instrument...except for the little kids who are ALWAYS amazed that music can be played with the FEET!!!!!
    I've been playing for just over 50 years, and I still love the kids the best :^)
    Thank you for a wonderful post and a hug from this old organ grinder :^)

  5. What a lovely tribute to your mom. Thank you for sharing with us. Your mom sounds really special, and i bet she is an amazing organist too!
    Love, Mary Horne


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