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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Just a little trip...

I've always wanted to visit Hawaii.
I think it started when I was younger and
Hawaii Five-0 was on TV {the original.}
When the music came on,
I just wanted to get up and dance in my little lime green bikini!
{Oh, you know you had one too.}
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Is your head just a boppin?
 Yep...mine too.
Now, I have family and friends who've visited, even lived there and I could always feel just a tinge of jealously as they were describing all their glorious adventures.
I've heard about the:
food - oh yeah the pineapple too!
and the prices.
But I figure, If I ever get the chance to go, I'm not going to worry about the price,
I'm just going to enjoy every second!
How about you?
Have you ever traveled to the islands?
If so, I'd love to hear all about your adventures!
I won't be jealous...well, maybe a bit.


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