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Friday, March 23, 2012

Front Doors...

I currently have a front door that has a lot of glass.
I don't particularly like that anyone can see inside.

when I saw this house, I loved the symmetry of the front elevation...

Southern Living

...and the double front doors.

Here's a pic from the inside looking out...

I really like their width and height.

These are a bit too wide...

...but I do like having a transom above the door.
I've never had double front doors, but they are very welcoming!

So, the questions are...
double front doors?
clear glass or solid?

1 comment:

  1. Does your house have 4 or 5 windows/doors across the front, including the front door? If 4, then I think your front door needs to match the style of the windows as closely as possible. If 5, then your front door should probably be a single, not a double. If your foyer has doors, then you would probably enjoy a glass front door. If you can see all the way thru your house from the front door, you might want to consider just getting a solid front door. I would stick with a single door probably no matter what.


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