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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Little Trip

Thanks so much for following me over to Word Press. It's a little different from Blogger and I'm learning a little each day.

I wanted to share with you a special part of Texas, the Hill Country. My family and I spent a few days there and had a great time. The populations of the towns are small, about 3-4 thousand. There is usually a main square with quaint little shops around this center of town.

Here are a few shots I thought you'd enjoy.

Llano Texas,  Llano County courthouse with its  restored  clock tower

Mason County Courthouse, Mason, Texas

White limestone and granite quarries were everywhere...many of the homes were built using these materials.

703 Exall Street, Llano TX

115 Riverside Drive East, Llano TX

There were many ranches and land that seemed to go on forever! I live in the suburbs of Houston, this was a nice retreat.

2 West County Road 113, Llano TX

In addition to all the land, there were rivers, lakes, and falls.

This home is for sale and needs a little love, what do you think?

2350 South State Highway 16, Llano TX

...could be really cute!

pictures from:, Llano, Texas Chamber of Commerce, Mason, Texas Chamber of Commerce


  1. Love your Texas pictures! I would love to see that one for sale all fixed up.

    Now, will I have to follow you on here to get it to show up on my blogger homepage? I don't want to miss a post!

  2. We are going to be TX Snowbirds soon. Building near Livingston but would have loved to be building in Hill Country! I currently live in Northeast Ohio and have 2 adult step children in Houston. I love TX and can't wait to be there! In what suburb of Houston do you?


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