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Friday, February 21, 2014

Table for one...

I'm officially smitten with vintage linens.
I'll admit it here to the world.
I appreciate the hand-work, 
the creativity, 
and the time it takes to make these special pieces of art.

Today I'm featuring a piece I picked up this past week from my favorite antique mall.

It was in great shape, only one small spot.
I've used OxiClean for blemishes and recently heard hydrogen peroxide works very well too.
Have you tried something different?

It's a square piece, cross-stitched with gorgeous colors.
I love the design, the pattern, the border.

Today's table is set for one...a quiet breakfast.
After a few very busy days, sometimes it's nice to just take a breath and relax.

The delicately etched dishes were found separately but matched perfectly...

...and the cups were found at a favorite shop in the Texas hill country.
Treasure hunting is great therapy, isn't it?

Setting a pretty table for yourself, a simple pleasure.

I'm joining Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for her Tablescape Thursday.
Be sure to drop by for loads of inspiration!


  1. Sharlotte. Beautiful! The cross stitch linen is so pretty. It is so original... not like it was a kit or anything like that. The single place setting is very nice! And yes treasure hunting is therapy!

  2. I will join you in the smitten with vintage linen corner. I loved them, and I love your little table.

    (Although, I will finally admit that I have ENOUGH of them. We have been cleaning out my MIL's home this week, and between all that she had and all that I already had, I'm full to overflowing.)

  3. I am vintage, and I love textiles...does that count???? :^)
    I have two cabinets full of beauties such as yours...I really need to clean them out and share with folks such as yourself....maybe next week!
    I just have to ask where your favorite shop is??? We spend a couple of weekends a year in the hill country...sometimes more. I always like to have a list of places that I NEED to see.
    Blessings to you,


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