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Monday, October 17, 2011

Loving linens...napkins

I love linens.
They add such versatility to a table, don't you think?
You can take the same dishes and with different linens have a completely different look.
Plus, it's easier to change the linens than purchase another set of dishes, right?

First, let's talk about napkins.
Different purposes calls for different sized napkins:

cocktail napkins are the smallest - 6" x 6"
luncheon napkins - 18"x 18"
dinner napkins are the largest- 22" x 22"
{these sizes may vary}

The following site had basic information:
{Below is part of her information.}

Napkin Etiquette
Whether the napkin is cloth or paper, when in polite company, a napkin is to be used with a measure of etiquette, so as not to offend other diners
Rule 1: When you’re given a napkin, use it. Don’t let it sit beside your plate.
Rule 2: Wait for the host to pick up and unfold his napkin before you do the same with yours.
Rule 3: If the napkin is larger than your lap, fold it such that it just covers your lap.
Rule 4: In polite society, movements at the dinner table tend to be small, so don’t make any ostentatious displays like wildly shaking the napkin to open it. Just unfold it.
Rule 5: Don’t wait for the food to be served before you open your napkin. Should your napkin still be sitting on the table when the food arrives, the server may have to create space to set your plate.
Rule 6: Should you have to leave the table during the meal, leave the napkin, loosely folded, on your seat or on the table to the left of your plate. Also put the loosely folded napkin to the left of your plate when you’re done eating, never on the plate.

There are such beautiful napkins displayed in blogland...take a look at yours. I'll bet you have gorgeous ones too.
I have a combination of solids and pattern. I tend to use a lot of solids, however, I'm expanding my collection to add more variety. Here's a sample...

{monogrammed linens are a favorite}

How do you store your napkins so that you can view them when planning a table?
Let me know, I'm always looking for creative ways to organize my treasures!

Here are a few sites in napkin folding:

Napkin rings? post, I promise!

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  1. Love this! I am such a huge linen groupie. I think they, and actually NOT the china, are the thing that makes a table. When I go to a restaurant, I want to sit with linens and not on a bare table. It bugs the stew out of me that so many even upscale restaurants don't use pretty linens.


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