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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Arnsburg, Germany

The main reason for our trip to Germany was for my husband's work.
I was able to tag along to see family and to hopefuly see new sights.
Arnsburg was the city in which we stayed in for two days...
he was working, I was sightseeing and exploring.

Our hotel was very modern and located in a forest.
The only thing different from the states was that each room was equipped with a heater...
no air conditioning.
If you needed cooling, you just opened the door.
No screens. No bugs.
Luckily the weather was perfect. Cool and crisp.

The surroundings were beautiful, lush and green.
I took a stroll and found a path with a few surprises:

I had never seen bright orange slugs before. This one was quite healthy and active!

Mushrooms were plentiful.

There was growth everywhere.
After walking for a while, I couldn't help but think of Hansel and Gretel...
I was careful to find my way back home!

That evening we went to a carnival.
It was very similar to the states, ferris wheel and all!

However, I think the food was better!

That night we were so tired and slept really well. And of course, it was really nice to have our bedroom open to the outdoors. This was taken from our balcony.

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