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Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall pumpkins...

I picked up a couple of plastic pumpkins.
You know, the kind children use to hold their candy?
They were inexpensive, a good base for my project.
If you're interested in making your own, here's the scoop:
Items needed:
plastic pumpkin
newspaper or plastic bags
white paint
small paper plate
wooden sticks
various ribbon
hot glue
1. take off handles
2. paint pumpkin white - possible 2 coats
3. fill pumpkin with crumbled paper or plastic bags for weight
4. cut slits in center of paper plate for stem
5. glue small paper plate to top of pumpkin, keeping paper in place and covering hole
6. cut strips of burlap
7. glue burlap around pumpkin, overlapping as shown
8. place sticks into the slit of paper plate for a stem
9. glue straw/raffia to cover top of pumpkin
10. add various ribbons
11. glue circle of burlap to bottom of pumpkin to cover rough edges of burlap strips

If you make one, let me know! I'd love to see your fall pumpkin!

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