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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Galveston, Texas

It's been a while since we just "talked", you know a random post about life...
so here you go, no party, just me and my life.

Galveston, Texas

I love the place.
No kidding.
It's the history, the resilience of the people, the seagulls, the pelicans,
the salty air.

I've been making trips to Galveston for as long as I can remember.
Not necessarily to the beach (go figure) but just to hang out.

For the past 20 years or so,
 it's been a Mother's Day tradition to attend the Historical Homes Tour.
Sometimes there's quite a crew of us, other times just the traveling trio...
my mother, sister, and me.

Since my mother and sister were coming from an opposite direction to the island 
we drove separate cars. They took the Boliver Ferry, I took the interstate.
With the ferry, there's usually "wait time"... sometimes a short wait, sometimes longer.
Today a relatively short wait for them so
I had a few extra minutes on hand.
Well, what's a girl to do?
take pictures
Yep...that's just what I did.

As I was driving along Broadway, the flowers in this cemetery were a new sight.

Never in my 52 years do I remember seeing such quiet beauty.

It was breathtaking.

Our tour this year had two special homes that were in the "restoration in progress" state.
The first was originally apartments 
but a single family has currently purchased the entire site for family gatherings. 
(apparently large gatherings!)

The shell shaped carved stone planters are its defining glory. 
The red arches were once on open breezeway separating the east and west wings.
However, the area is now enclosed 
with a kitchen specifically designed for that space.

In the back were two carriage houses, "next "on their proposed schedule for restoration.
Note the sand bags below...a true dose of reality. 
The first floor flooded during Hurricane Ike...
I guess they are staying prepared.

Don't you know those bricks have quite a story in themselves?

We moved on to the second house "in progress." 

and the owner was there to greet us.
She said that it had taken her one year to get to this stage.
Just look at that foundation...
it looks very secure.

As we were walking through the interior, it was clean and well organized.

It always amazes me how far some of the houses have to be stripped back...
all the way to the lathe board.

The owner hopes to have the home
on tour next year.
I sure hope's going to be a beauty!

Stay tuned for more Galveston treasures!


  1. It's on my wish list of vacation destinations. I love every picture I've ever seen of that city. Today was no exception since I'm nuts about old houses and renovations.

    1. It's such a great place to visit, there's a little bit of everything!

  2. all the pictures! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Thanks Cindy! We had a great time!!

  3. Oh, I only live 30 minutes from Galveston....and yes I love it for all the same reasons. And don't you know, I forgot to put the dates for the home tour in my calendar and missed it! ugh Of course I remembered this as we were driving to the beach on mother's day...and I did see all those yellow flowers at the cemetery too. Every year it blooms like that, and then they mow it back.

    1. Hi Kim! Have you ever been to any of the other tours in Galveston? It think there's a garden tour, candlelight tour, ghost tour and probably more. I haven't but would love to add those to my list too!

  4. Replies
    1. too. So much to see, so much to learn!


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