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Friday, July 8, 2016

Sharlotte's Reflections History...

This August will begin our 4th year in business. 
I can hardly believe it! 
We have learned so much along the way, in fact I learn something new each day.
 And what makes it even neater...I love what I do!

For instance, 
everyday can be, "...take your dog to work day..." 
because I work primarily from home!

She's a great little companion!

And it's true what they say...if you love what you do, it's not work.
 I like the fact that I'm responsible for myself. 
The more I put in to our little business, the more successful it becomes!

When we began, we were in an antique mall called Mimi's on Main. It was a great location,
 on the historic Main Street in Conroe, Texas, right across from the county courthouse.

Isn't it pretty?
And the inside...just as amazing.
Here are a few shots of the different booths.

See, I told you...amazing!

Being newbies...we had NO idea what we were doing. 
Sure, we did our research but we basically flew by the seat of our pants!

Our space was filled to the brim with odds and ends.

After a year or so, we added a second space and our style become more refined.

We decided to try a monochromatic look.
We loved it and so did our clients.
 Since our two booths were so varied, 
the difference became a trial to see where we were most successful.
As it turned out, the neutral items were our biggest sellers.
A few months later, another opportunity arrived
...we took the leap of faith...and went for it!

The owner of  Mimi's was expanding and opened a second location one block away!
The Mercantile.

Gayle, the owner, asked if we were interested in a new space...
the answer was ABSOLUTELY!
The new shop was of a kind...
and we were asked to be a part of it!
We were beyond thrilled!
And to top it all off, she offered us our very own ROOM!
It had a ceiling and four walls! 
Quite a big deal for dealers!
So much real estate!

We fell head over heels for all that bead board and brick! Love the brick!!!

Having three booths was a bit much for us so we decided to close down our first booth at Mimi's.
It was a hard decision, it was, after all, our very first venture.
But, having this new space was totally worth it!

Decision time.
Now that the owner had two shops, she wanted her locations to be completely different.
That meant that we could either leave our white booth at Mimi's 
or move it to The Mercantile.
We went for it and decided to make our room, "...the white room."
We had the walls and ceilings painted white 
and added a fun cover for the plain florescent light fixture.

What do you think?
We added a baby bed spring 
{actually from my children's bed}
 and covered it with a pretty crochet tablecloth. 
It's a great place for hanging items!

Well, fast forward a couple of years and here's a little peak of how our room has blossomed!

We are so appreciative of the owner of Mimi's and The Mercantile 
for giving us a chance to turn a hobby into a new adventure! 
She has been a great mentor and friend!
Thanks, Gayle!

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