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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Pumpkin

Today I'm sharing a little metamorphosis with a $1.00 plastic pumpkin.
It began like this:

and was transformed to this.

Thanks to Kelly over at Eclectically Vintage for the inspiration! 
She has several neat ideas for fall on this post.

Kelly used beautiful mums inside her pumpkin planter, I decided to use a different plant.
Mine ending up looking like Wilson.
You know, Wilson from Tom Hank's Castaway!


ugh...Not what I was going for.
So I took Kelly's basic instructions and tweaked things a bit for my project.

I used diluted Elmer's Glue (Mod Podge would most likely work too),

approximately 10 sheets of music cut into strips for each pumpkin,

and immersed the strips into the diluted glue mixture.
Be sure to cover your work surface because it gets messy.
Then take each strip and "glue" it to your pumpkin.
I didn't want any of the green to show, so I gave my guys two layers of strips.
The strips above were used for the first layer because they were the edges of the sheet music and had blank sections.
For the second layer, I wanted more notes to show so I used the "busier" strips.

After the strips dried, I diluted acrylic paint and gave the pumpkins a little color.

After this dried, I added my plant....and...I wasn't pleased with the look at all.
Kelly's were so pretty with mums...
but...I didn't have any on hand. 

See, I told you, it looks like Wilson's brother.
My husband even agreed.

Plan B.
I needed something to cover the gaping hole at the top of the pumpkin...
 I just happen to have small paper plates that were fairly sturdy...
they just happen to be the perfect size, well, after I trimmed them a bit.

These were covered too with strips and allowed to dry.
Next a hole was cut out of the middle of the plate

 and a couple of sticks stem was inserted and glued in place.

Adding a little jute to the stems, moss to cover the plate, and burlap leaves, I was feeling better.

And for something a little extra, tendrils were added.
They are very simple to make:
immerse the jute into the diluted glue mixture and wrap around a straw.
(Secure them in place with straight pins.)

After they are dry, simply glue them into place with your hot glue.

Much better.
Thanks again Kelly for the original inspiration!

I'm joining these parties:
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Mary at Boogieboard Cottage for Masterpiece Monday

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thought for the

Welcome to...Thought for the Day.
It comes from my study of the Bible and things I'd like to share.
I hope you follow along each Friday.

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms."
1 Peter 4:10
I believe that everyone has God given gifts. 
Some are apparent like musical talents or athletic abilities...
other's not so apparent.
Like the one who holds the door for you or who greets you with a of kindness.
Kindness, compassion, empathy...quiet gifts.
Whatever various gifts we've been given, and we use them as He directs, we praise God.
big or small, 
when we use our gifts that we've been given, 
others will see Jesus in us.

Have a blessed weekend!

I use the Life Application Study Bible, New International Version (NIV) printed by Zondervan

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Apple a Day...

Since moving from the big city to a little town, things have really slowed down.
Life is running at a slower pace, there's time to stop and smell the flowers
or load up at the local market with fresh fruit...
like apples.
Guess where I'm going with this?
Guess what today's table features?
Kathleen over at Cuisine Kathleen 
gave us tablescapers a challenge to use apples as our theme for today's post for her Let's Dish.
My table is very simple, with just a touch of red.

Natural chargers set the simplistic tone.

These white chargers are so versatile...they can be dressed up or bring a little charm to a casual table.

Add a few more layers...

and throw in mix-matched flatware and the table is complete.

Except for one last thing...this centerpiece...isn't it great?
Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors made one and featured it on her blog (with a tutorial!)
It's made from a vintage hand drill and fence boards.
(It's also so versatile!)

I'm also joining Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for her Tablescape Thursday.
Be sure to visit both of these ladies' parties. There's loads of inspiration!
Thanks for dropping by...
enjoy the rest of your week!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Thought for the day....strength

Welcome to...Thought for the Day.
It comes from my study of the Bible and things I'd like to share.
I hope you follow along each Friday.

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

I have this verse memorized.
I catch myself stating it when I feel I challenged by a situation.

It's not that I want superhuman strength, 
just the strength to do His will. 

As a testimony...
I am constantly amazed with the "proof" of God's love 
and strength for me in my life. 
I find myself praying constantly, talking with God.
I know He loves me.

But sometimes, doubt sets in...
there are so many other things that need His attention in this world;
big, scary things like disease, illness, conflicts...
How does He do it all? 
and then listen to little me?
That's a question that I can't answer...but
I rely on Him for everything.
He is my strength.
He is my salvation.
He proved His love 
by sacrificing His one and only son 
so that I (and you too) 
can have everlasting life with Him in Heaven.
That's beyond amazing.
We just have to believe and have faith.
Jesus died for our sins and rose again.
Think about how great that love is...

So, as I begin today, 
I will remember that I am loved 
supported by my heavenly father.

If you're struggling with something, 
go to God for your strength too, 
He's there waiting to help and loves you more than you'll ever know!

Have a blessed weekend!

I use the Life Application Study Bible, New International Version (NIV) printed by Zondervan

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Is it getting cooler yet?

I know, I know...
as the seasons change, 
one can't help but get excited for the next transition...
and here at my house, 
we're ready for a little bit of fall and cooler weather.

I'm joining Cuisine Kathleen for her Let's Dish
Drop by for loads of inspiration!

I've been on a cloth napkin kick...I love how they add so much to a table
with their patterns, prints, and colors.
When I saw this fabric, I just loved it. 
I knew it would be perfect sewn into napkins.
There are so many different colors to draw from
even polka dots.
Can you spot them?
Well for this table, I decided to draw out the coral colors and came up with this setting for two.

Thanks for dropping by.
I hope you're having a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Revisiting Cloth Napkins...

I know this topic isn't new, but I wanted to revisit these simple bits of luxury.
Cloth napkins.
I think they can really make a table pop, because they can be simple or over- the-top.

One of my favorite things to do is visit fabric shops.
I'm always drawn to the colors and patterns...I think they are very inspirational.
Sometimes I like one color/pattern and then sometimes I'm drawn to something completely different.
Am I a crazy woman who can't make up her mind?
I hope not, please tell me someone else out there feels the same way!
I just love color. 
That's the main reason why I deliberately chose neutrals in my current home.
I wanted to be able to change colors on a whim without completely changing everything or painting walls.
I learned my lesson in my previous home and swore that I wouldn't be tied down to a specific tone or shade.

So here we go, I chose this beautiful fabric partly because of the colors and partly because of the design...
I really liked the birds.

I knew right away that I could purchase just a bit of this fabric 
and could use it to make napkins for a future tablescape.
 To refresh my memory, I began researching quick and easy ways to make napkins.
I found this site and this site.
They are easy to follow directions...a little bit different from each other but great tutorials.

So I followed their directions with a little twist of my own,

and now I have a new set of cloth napkins!
Can you guess the theme of this tablescape?
Yep, apples.

It will be posted on September 25 
I hope to see you then!

 So if fabric makes you swoon too, 
go ahead and pick up a couple of yards and treat yourself to a little bit of luxury...
cloth napkins!
I know you'll be glad that you did!

I'm joining Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for her Metamorphosis Monday.
Drop by there too, there's always loads of inspiration!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Thought for the day...working.

Welcome to...Thought for the Day.
It comes from my study of the Bible and things I'd like to share.
I hope you follow along each Friday.

"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody."    
1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

When I read these verses today, they really struck a chord. 
I have a quiet life, minding my own business (except for blogging, Facebook, Instagram - well maybe I need to work on this...) and working with  my hands. 
It was the last part about being independent that made me think twice. 
What exactly does that mean?
I'm basically independent, however I like to be dependent at times too, is this wrong?

But after reading the "explanation" in my Bible it stated:
"...some of the Thessalonian Christians had adopted a life of idleness, depending on others for handouts. So Paul told them to work hard and live a quiet life. You can't be effective in sharing your faith with others if they don't respect you. Whatever you do, do it faithfully and be a positive force in society."

So, it's really all about personal responsibility.
Needing help isn't what this is referring to, 
rather it's being idle 
 expecting people to do things for you.
And it's about sharing our faith.
There are so many people who don't really know Jesus 
and I believe it's part of our mission to tell/show others about Him.

I don't feel I have the gift for actually ministering to people, but I can certainly show people through my actions that I am indeed a Christian. And maybe someone will see those actions and think, "...she must be a Christian, I want to be one too."
Perhaps that's what this verse means.  

Hm...just a thought for the day.
Have a wonderful weekend!

I use the Life Application Study Bible, New International Version (NIV) printed by Zondervan
Click here for more information.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A New Adventure!

It's been in the works for a while,
and now the time is finally here.
my sister and I have opened our own little business,

Sharlotte's Reflections.

We're very excited!
It's an Etsy style business
selling handmade,
repurposed items.
We've had so much fun making and finding really neat things in
building our inventory.

Here is a little sampling:

We are swooning over this gorgeous swan...
she's perfect for the holidays.

This Cowgirl tassel is such a fun addition to your home.
It's cute hanging from a cabinet, a lamp, or a special hook!

What about this idea...
Table-in-a Basket!
These precious cups, saucers, and teapot are a great little hostess gift,
don't you think?

And finally, we have little gifts for teachers, babysitters, or for that special friend. 
Here's an example, a vintage planter filled with succulents.

More of our items are listed on the page tab above, 
Sharlotte's Reflections Shoppe,
or you can click here.

Our booth is changing all the time, finding what our clients like is part of the fun!
And more good news, we're adding a second booth soon!

So, take a look and let me know what you think?
Do you have a favorite?

Happy Fall Y'all!

I know, it's not really Fall, but I just couldn't help it.
I'm feeling a bit of a cooler breeze in the air
and since Fall decorations (and Christmas too) are out everywhere,
I thought I'd go ahead and kickoff Fall in my home.

Aren't these dishes just the cutest?
I know, I usually go for a neutral look but I just couldn't resist
these polka dots!
Plus, the yellow is perfect for Fall.

Add a bit of denim fabric, a watering can from the garden, and sunflowers...
we were set!
Coming up a table for these cuties was so much fun and super easy!

Polka dots are just plain fun, aren't they?
The place mats  and striped napkins add a little more whimsy.

But wait, there's more!
Can you even believe it?

These cutie plates can also serve as the background for these really cute plates:

I have four, they all have different images.
So darn cute!

I like need to step out of my box and try new colors.
I think yellow is my new favorite...
Or maybe green?
Or blue?
Oh good grief...

I'm joining Kathleen over at Cuisine Kathleen for her Let's Dish
Drop by both parties for loads of inspiration!


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