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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fly Swatter...

I know...crazy title, but after a month of unpacking, I still can't find my fly swatter.
I've opened about a zillion boxes, especially the ones that I thought I'd find it in..but nope.
No fly swatter to be found.

Now I know that to blogland and to probably the entire world, this isn't a blog worthy post.
But when you are plagued with a persistent fly family, 
just aiming and popping a towel isn't getting the job done.

And I'll bet you're saying, duh...just go buy another cheap-o swatter.
Well, that would solve my issue, but at this point in the game, I just don't want to shop anymore.
I'm shopped out.

Ok...enough whining...
let's look at a few pics, alright?

Just look at this organization.
My sister is The Queen of organization. 
She took my Post-its and went to town.

The process was to put things in the "most handy" place...if there wasn't a sticker, the space was empty...ready for something new.

Then there was the folding of cloth napkins.

She spent quite a while on this drawer.
Doesn't it look great, though?

I did the easy stuff:
dishes in the plate rack

collectibles displayed

a sign here and there

adding a touch of nature

and most importantly, cookie cutters..ready to be used.

I had the easy job.

Now Catie, my little poodle?
She couldn't find the missing fly swatter either.
You see, 
she was our head supervisor...
and by the end of the day,
she was worn out.

Bless her little heart!


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