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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rust-oleum Spray Paint

Using spray paint is nothing new in Blogland...I'll bet most of us have cans and cans stashed away, plus project after project in which spray paint has been used.
I tried something different...
here's a clue:

Want another hint?

Yep...painting my sandals.

As you can tell, these babies have been my staples...well worn and well loved.
They are Naturalizers and ever-so-comfortable!
I even have a brown pair!

I wanted a pair in silver, but they are not to be found 
(probably because they are about 5+ years old and I'm sure they don't make this style any more.)

Anyway, I thought I'd try painting them.
I crossed my fingers and pulled the trigger.

What do you think?

They are really great for pants - they peek out just a bit.

It's really a win/win for me...they are still very comfortable and now I have a silver pair!
I've already worn them twice and the paint has held up very well! 
No paint on my feet, no cracking or peeling!

I'm linking up with Susan's Between Naps on the Porch for her Metamorphosis Monday.

I've been DYEING to try this!

So I washed a new dress with a few other things, you know the stragglers...not big deal, right?
That new dress "bled" all over the said stragglers.
Please tell me someone else does this with their laundry!
To make "lemonade" out of these "lemons" I decided to try RIT dye.

I used Pearl Grey and changed those peachy/turquoise towels to a beautiful shade of grey.
I love them!



While I had the batch made, I took a white top that had seen better days
 and it too came out the softest grey.

The colors are off on my monitor, but it's a solid grey.

Well, that was so easy, I thought I'd give another shirt a try.
Originally, it was a dark shade of pink... it turned lavender and kept just a touch of pink around the collar.

This was so much fun...I was hooked!
 I tried Petal Pink and Tan RIT Dye together for a dusty rose.
(1 Tbs of pink, 1 tsp of tan)
I used another white was well worn and ready for a change.

Quite a difference, isn't it? It's like new...and ready to be worn!
Next, a pair of regular khaki pants.

These turned out to be the prettiest shade..

...they can go either pink or peach.

I now have "new" outfits to wear from clothes that had been sitting dormant for a long time.
So, do you have any clothes that might need a second chance?
Try your local fabric store for a variety of RIT really is fun to see the transformations!

I'm joining Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for her Metamorphosis Monday.

Basic instructions:
Pearl Grey -  Sink/Bucket Method
I set up everything on my kitchen counter, by the sink, with newspapers covering my counters.
Dissolve 1/2 powdered package with 2 cups of very hot water - stir well (I used a glass jar for this part.)
Add 3 gallons of very hot water to a bucket (I used a metal bucket) - stir in powdered mix thoroughly.
Wet garment to be dyed with hot water and add to dye batch. Stir constantly until desired color.
Remove from bucket and rinse in warm water then cool until water runs clear.
Wash item in warm water/cool rinse with mild detergent - dry in dryer or air dry.

Please read this link for very important tips for coloring, clean-up, and alternate methods.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gorgeous Oregon

My husband and I had such a wonderful time visiting our son and daughter-in-law in Portland, Oregon. 
He's in grad school, she's teaching...we're so proud of them!
They greeting us at the airport and after long awaited hugs, they whisked us off to their home.
We had a welcome basket filled with Oregon treats and fresh flowers waiting just for us.

Their pet LuLu was glad to see us too...she was a bit shy at first, but warmed up quickly.

It was our first trip to the area and our gracious hosts filled our days and evenings with wonderful memories.
If you've been following along, we have seen amazing treasures of nature: 
Mt. Tabor
Rose Gardens
Japanese Gardens
City walking tour
Saturday Market
Cannon Beach
U-Pick Farms
Multnomah Falls
Mt. Hood
And we were only there for 5 days!

Then there were the meals we ate.
I wish I had taken pictures of the chains here!
Let's see, there was:
Bakery Treats
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Buffets with an array of delights

There was walking and talking, sharing and worshiping.
It was such a wonderful experience to visit the places in their lives, to see how they spend their days.

When I began this series of posts, I wanted to document our trip.
I wanted to remember all the special memories.
I wanted to document all I learned from a totally different kind of living environment.
For instance,
do you know what we're doing here?

Yep...filling up the car with gasoline. 
In Texas, there are self-pump stations on just about every corner.
 In Oregon, you have to truly search for stations. 
I guess it's due to all the Prius and Subaru vehicles Oregonians drive. 
This shot is a station that's part of a Taxi company.
It's in a warehouse you drive through. Enter one side, exit on the other!
 And guess what else? You can't pump your own gas in Oregon!  State law.
It was really nice to have it done for you!
It was a little pricier, but not too bad.

I learned that no matter how much space you have, there's always room for growing something good and healthy to eat.

And in this big old world, we're all basically alike...
we work really hard in our chosen fields:

love special treats:

and most importantly, love our families.

We love you guys!
Thanks again for a special and memorable trip.
Looking forward to our next visit!

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Our last site to visit was Mt. Hood.
Can you even believe how beautiful this is?
And yes, I took this picture with my phone!

We just sat in awe of this majestic mountain.

The lake is gorgeous too, there were people enjoying fishing and kayaking as well as hiking.
We were some the hikers.
The trail around the lake was wove in and out through the landscaping.
We only had a few wrong turns, but easily rerouted.

Thanks again to J and T for taking us to such wonderful sites.
We love you guys!

Multnomah Falls, Oregon

The Multnomah Falls were another breathtaking site.
As we drove up to this beautiful spot, we were immediately struck by the beauty of this restaurant.
Do you see the glass roof in the back left?
We had the most wonderful buffet in that conservatory...
wonderful and delicious.
Did I say wonderful?
And yes, it was chilly enough that they had the fireplace roaring...see the smoke from the chimney?

As you walked past the restaurant, the falls appeared.

You can enjoy the view from this bottom vantage point or take the trails to the concrete bridge. Can you see the people standing up there?
And for those that are more adventuresome, you can actually hike all the way to the top of the falls.

These shots were taken from the bottom you see the large rocks? They were once part of another bridge that fell. As the story goes, it was during a wedding that the bridge fell - the wedding party wasn't on the bad bridge...thank goodness!

This shot was taken from the trail above the concrete bridge. The view was spectacular

The moss growing on the trees were lush as were the ground fern.

Yes, you can feel the mist from the fall standing on the bridge.



I'm a city girl and have NEVER picked my own fruit or vegetables.
I know...sad, isn't it?
However, I could quickly become a country girl if I had a place like this!!!

This is a year round farm, growing just about everything.

Our first stop were the berries.

They were ever-so-sweet.
Here's the proof of the picking!

I'm not a big eggplant person, but they were beautiful!

There was squash...

...and this guy.
Do you know what he is?

Yep, pumpkins!

There were peppers...

...and cucumbers...

...cabbages and lettuce.

There was corn... this one!

And flowers...beautiful flowers.

These were huge!

Believe it or not, this is the center of a sunflower. It's about 15 inches in diameter!
Those black things are the seeds.

This is our U-Pick produce.
We had an amazing fresh salad that night.

Thanks J and T for another amazing day!


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