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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saddle Up!

This little fellow welcomes you to Tablescape Thursday! 
He's calling you to cool off in his summer's heat!

You can grab a cool drink of your choice.

Choose your favorite spot...

...and have a seat. The place is set just for you!

Stay a while for a cup of coffee or tea...
just to enjoy the view.

Thanks for stopping by...I hope you are staying cool in this warm weather!

I'm joining Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for amazing tables. Be sure to drop by, won't you?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

She said, "Help Me!"

You know when you see something that just speaks to you?

Well, this little lamp was calling for help...
as in, "...rescue me!"

Her "hat" was a little overwhelming...

...however, she had a gorgeous base.

I found her at my favorite antique shop and I knew instantly that she needed to come home with me.
You see, under her hat, it was apparent she had been through a lot...

...seen better days...

...and in need of a little tender loving care.

No problem, I thought. I could make her shine again with the help of my new friend:

Just a little bit and she was already feeling better.

I'll be placing this lamp with a frame that has hints of silver and gold.
I think it will work just fine.

And what's a girl's favorite pastime?
So that's exactly what I did...shopped for a new hat...
adding a bit of sparkle, it was the icing on the cake.
She was beautiful once again!


Now I need your help. As I was working on my beautiful lamp, this sticker fell out:

As luck would have it, it's torn in half!
Does anyone know what the label could be?
I scoured the internet and couldn't find the maker.
Where do you think she came from originally?
If you have any idea, would you please let me know?

I'm joining Susan's party, Metamorphosis Monday, over at Between Naps on the Porch.
Be sure to drop by for amazing transformations!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Beach...

Sometimes a little sand therapy is needed.

Aw...the's such a great place to rest, relax, just enjoy life.

We visited Crystal Beach today...a sleepy little village, full of down-home good folks.
It's on the Gulf of Mexico, a stone's throw from Galveston, Texas.

We had lunch at the Tiki, the perfect beach hangout.

It was full of all kinds of things to catch your eye.
Do you see the juke box on the far right hand corner? was playing all the best from the 70's.

Crystal Beach is a great place to find "Mom and Pop" places that reserve the right to post whatever they want...

This sign, however, was my favorite.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feeling a little blue...

I'm feeling a little blue today, not in a sad way, but in a relaxing way. 
Add to that a few seashells, some of my favorite dishes, and I kinda feel like I'm on vacation!
It's the simple things in life, right?

I've had all of these items for a was just a matter of gathering everything together.

These dishes were found at a consignment shop a few years ago. 
They were marked 50% off. Yippee!
I think the 4 place settings were $20...can you even believe?

Do you see that blue coral peeking out in the back?
It's not really coral, it's plastic and for aquariums. Really! It actually came in this color but is available in different colors too. In fact, I bought a smaller one that was pink. To see it transformed, click here.

The seashells are souvenirs from a family trip to Sanibel, Florida.
If you haven't been - you HAVE to go. It's one of the most relaxing places I've ever been!

I made the seashell bottle in the back. You can read about it here
Collecting special things makes for special memories, don't they?

I'm joining Bunny Jeans Decor and More for her Wednesday's Bunny Hop
Hop on by won't you?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Loving Coral...

I love all things sea related...expecially coral. I think it's beautiful in any color and enjoy decorating my home with a bit here and there. 
However, it can be pricey, and after doing a bit of research on coral, there are some harsh ways to bring up these beauties. So I thought I'd try something different - artificial coral for aquariums. 
They looked very good on my computer monitor...good enough to try them in decorating.

Here is my little transformation:

I found this online...

Jardin Coral Shaped Aquarium Fish Tank Decoration Ornament, Pink

The shape was great, but not the color I had in mind...easy fix...paint!

Easy, easy fix.

Disguising it with a few other treasures, it's not so bad...what do you think?

I bought a second's a beautiful blue. 
Stay tuned for that little transformation!

I'm joining Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for her Metamorphosis Monday
Be sure to drop by for amazing transformations!


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