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Friday, June 22, 2012


I love transoms that were used for ventilation.
Aren't they great architectural pieces?
Today, transoms are mainly used for bringing in light and just because they're pretty, right?
Pinned Image
Just look at this beauty!
Pinned Image
In my new home, putting in transoms were on the "must have" list. Some will be on the exterior.

Southern Living inspiration home.
 On the interior, I wanted a vintage piece, one with a story, to add character to the home.
We searched high and low...talked to people "in the know"...
but no such luck.

We found beautiful pieces, laden with character, but the sizes were never quite right.
There was always plan "B", having someone make one for me.

There was a basic pattern I wanted:

I visted several stained glass shops, gathered a lot of information, and decided to go to with small studio in my hometown.

 His work was varied and beautiful.
We talked for a long time, sharing ideas {and stories} and during our discussion, he brought out several books with different designs. Did you know you can buy patterns with the pieces already cut? I didn't! Obviously, it's more cost effective to purchase the set than making each piece by hand.
I was looking for something similar to my drawing, but saw this instead.

The dimensions were was a packaged set (less expensive)... and beautiful.
Picture it in place of this interior transom...

Ideas for Southern Homes: Transom Windows

I think I love it.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Warm and Inviting Home...

That's my goal.
I've poured over pictures, done a lot of research, and asked a ton of questions.
I'm not finished, there's more to learn, more to do.
But, progress is being made.

When I saw this post, New House, Timeless Character, I was sold. This was what I wanted:  
modern conveniences, green building, and timeless character.

1. Front Porch
Ideas for Southern Homes: Front Porches
wide and comfy
light blue ceiling
white columns
hardie plank
tall windows and shutters

2. Planked Walls
Ideas for Southern Homes: Pine-Plank Walls
warm, inviting  feeling
farmhouse look

3. Details
Ideas for Southern Homes: Kitchen Cabinet Details
over sized island
white shaker style cabinets
bin pulls
farm house sink

4. True Family Room
Ideas for Southern Homes: Family Room
hardwood floors
comfy furniture
ceiling fan
open rooms

5. Local Artwork
Ideas for Southern Homes: C. Ford Riley Local Art
favorite artwork
monochromatic decorating

6. Transoms
Ideas for Southern Homes: Transom Windows
inviting foyer
crown moulding
wrapped doorways
planked walls
through views
live plants

7. Formal Areas
Ideas for Southern Homes: Oil Paintings
touch of gold
floor to ceiling curtain panels
china and crystal
special artwork

8. Family Keepsakes
Ideas for Southern Homes: Family China
heirloom treasures
meals with family
beautiful furniture

9. Blending Furniture
Ideas for Southern Homes: Old and New Furniture Blend
vintage pieces
upholstered pieces
repurposed pieces
new pieces
mixing with commonality

10. Repurposed Items
Ideas for Southern Homes: Repurposed Heirlooms
using what you have
repurposing what you find

 just lovely.

* all pictures from above linked site

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

I have a thing for buttons,
not sure why, I just like them.
Vintage buttons are really my favorite, guess it's their story.
Where have they been? Who wore them?
I just think they're neat.

Anyway, one day while looking around on Pinterest, I saw these napkins. They were from Martha Stewart's site.
I love Martha.

I pinned them too and added them to my "sewing" board.
...summer project...

Looking through my stash, there were a few buttons left over but they just didn't seem right. Taking a trip to my favorite fabric hangout didn't help either, so this project was put on hold.
while thrifting with my mother, we found this!

Yep, you guessed it. A beautiful blue jar filled with buttons!
And do you know what?
There was every color and size of button I needed for my button/napkin project!
Isn't it funny how some things just work out like that?

I figured it must be fate, must be time to work on this project.
And, do you know what else? I had the perfect napkins too!
...go figure...
They were made a while back and were just "waiting" to be used.
What do you think?

Cute and easy!
By the way, did you know that there is a game played with buttons?
You might try it if you have little ones. You can read all about it here!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cutie Patootie!

My mother has a set of cups that are just precious!
They are from 1996 and part of the Limited Edition set.

This is the Miss Cutie cup.

{The Mr. Patootie cup is behind.}
I know...should have taken a picture of him too.
look what we found today while thrifting...
...their brother-in-law!

His bow tie is a different shade than the original set {he's not from the 1996 set} but he's still cute!

Just for fun, I started looking around to see if there is more to the set.
Yep, of course, E-bay has them and then I found more:
there is a cookie jar found here, a tea pot here, and a sugar and creamer here.

Now I have somethese else to put on my list to search for...Mr. Patootie's mate, Miss Cutie!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Silly little post...

Ok...I wasn't even going to post this, but I thought that someone might want to know...
it's a little transformation.

I bought these cute, cute earrings at Target yesterday and wore them all day.

 Until, I had to take them off because they were killing my ears!
I figured that I needed to change the wires because apparently, I have sensitive ear lobes.

Off to Hobby Lobby and I found these:

 Notice the Hypo-Allergenic label.
Yep, that's what I needed for no-pain wear!

See, simple, maybe a bit silly to post, but I thought you might be like me and had never thought of this before! Now you can convert any earrings!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wonders of Nature

It always puts a smile on my face when nature sends a little greeting.

For instance, I live in suburbia and have one tree in my front yard.
My yardwork is minimal, therefore, I know just about every square inch of it all and notice when things are in need of care or if anything new pops up.

Well, I have had a little surprise visitor over the past years...
a weed? or some type of lily?
No idea.
Usually there are one or two flowers that pop up.
this year there were several!
And, they appeared over night!
Just like magic!
I was working in that bed one day and
The next day these babies popped up!

Then my sister had this surprise on her back patio:

Can you see the baby birds in there...and that beautiful blue egg?
What a great morning for us both!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trade Days

There's a flea market about an hour from my home and I've never been to it...never.
To make matters worse, I pass by it 1-2 times a month and always say, "We need to go there sometime..."
Well last Friday was THE day.
I called the trio together and we headed out. The other two members live about 45 minutes from this place and they too have never been there!
Can you believe it?
(We dedicated shoppers that have passed this beaut by over and over and over?)
We were all ashamed.
So we planned our day; meeting time and place, and set out.
We have been missing such a great place to treasure hunt...we had soooo much fun!
There was shopping inside...

...and even chairs for weary husband-shoppers.

There were beautiful antiques...

...loads of furniture,

no, really, loads of furniture.

and outside vendors...

...ready for closer inspection.

Some pieces were hard to resist...

...really hard to resist.

(This pic is for my husband, he loves the tools.)

There were lush plants... and made of metal.

And, my favorite booth was this one:

It was like she stepped right out of Blogland.
Her things were beautiful and very reasonable.

As you can see, she's a fan of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint like most of us around here.
See, she could easily be a "Blogland Babe," but she's not! I tried to talk her into sharing her talents with her own personal blog...we'll see...

Do you see the clock in the picture above? precious. And can you tell that above that is an old bed spring supported by four vintage columns? so, so creative. Then, hanging from that old bed spring is the cutest wire basket lighting and the prettiest garden chandelier...ever.

The name of this sweet, sweet booth is Simple Blessings & A Junk Queen.
If you visit flea markets and happen to be in the Winne, Warrenton, or Round Top area, be sure to visit her. You won't be disappointed!

For more information about this flea market, click here.
The lightinging in this post is bad...I know...I'm getting really lazy and taking pics with my phone.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Consignment Shopping

We have several consignment stores in our area and they are really, really fun to spend a bit of time in just browsing. really.

There are bedroom suites...

...and dining room furniture...

...and cute settings!

There are other pieces of home decor too:

These Fitz and Floyd pieces almost came home with me!

The pieces look new or gently used and the prices are very have a percentage off every day! Yes, EVERY day!
Today was 20% off of home decor and another 5% off furniture!
Can you even believe?'s a favorite hangout!


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