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Monday, November 29, 2010


I've always had an appreciation for Hummels. My mother has collected them for years and has accumulated quite a few.
While visiting for Thankgsgiving, I took a few pictures to share with you today.

My mother ordered these ornaments from the Hummel club.

This Umbrells Boy is one of my favorites.
As you can see, he's much larger than the ornaments.

I gave my mother this little guy in honor of my second son.

My sister and I gave her this cutie for Mother's Day this year.
We thought it looked like us a few years ago!

And finally, I wanted to share these two Hummel pillows.

These were made by my sister, given to my mother. Aren't they gorgeous? I wish I had her patience to complete such pretty pieces.

I'm joining Tam at The Gypsy's Corner for her Three or More Tuesday. Be sure to visit for amazing collections!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

One for the birds!

Our weather here in southeast Texas has been gorgeous the past few days. And with all this wonderful weather, the birds outside have been really hungry. We fill our feeders at least once a day and the birds just chirp for more!
While browsing through blogs, I found this "recipe" at Under The Table and Dreaming and decided to make a birdseed wreath. Stephanie Lynn gives a great tutorial!
I used a Tupperware Jello mold and gelatin...super easy!
It turned out so cute!

Do you think the birds will appreciate all the details?

Perhaps not, but I sure do!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bad timing, I know...

I teach elementary school and had the entire week off for Thanksgiving. With all this extra time, I decided that I could tackle something in my home that was driving me C R A Z Y...the wallpaper in my kitchen. About two years ago we decided to have our lovely wallpaper hung by a "professional"...ha...It was fine for a while but then this started happening:

and this: was making me nuts! I tried to fix it, but as soon as I did, another seam would come apart. At this point, my husband and I decided that enough was enough...that wallpaper was coming off and this was the week to tackle this project. Besides, it wouldn't take too long, right? Maybe a couple of days?

Hm...beginning stage on Saturday {a week ago}:

The green paper is really some type of vinyl, I think. It was coming off fairly easy. However, underneath is the paper that was supposedly was taking a bit longer to remove. ugh...tick, tock...

Then there were presents to begin making, shopping and cooking to be done, and traveling for Thanksgiving. What in the world was I thinking?!...tick, tock
My husband and I worked all day today {Saturday - one week later} and finally that paper is all off. After a bit of sanding and patching, we're ready for the next step.

I'm back at work Monday with a full calendar. However, in the next day or so we're planning to paint with Kilz and then spray on texture. Finally, we'll paint. Why do things take longer than expected? Poor planning on my part? probably.

Anyway, I love these looks...clean and relaxed.

Kitchen traditional kitchen
                               traditional kitchen design by new york architect Denise DeCoster Architect

Home Farm 1 traditional kitchen
                                                traditional kitchen design by other metros interior designer Alix J. Bragg

Gilligan traditional kitchen
                                            traditional kitchen design by chicago interior designer Emily Mackie Norris

We hope to finish completely in a couple of in time for Christmas. I hope to knock out a little each day after least a bit of decorating for Christmas and such...

As far as the kitchen, I'm keeping my dark cabinets and tile floor. I'd love to get new counters but that's not in the budget at this time. My next issue is whether or not to add something to the windows. I have 2 inch blinds that I want to keep. I'm so used to my toppers that the windows seem bare without anything. I'm thinking of basic panels, the same as in the adjoining den, but it seems that curtains are "out" these days. Oh, what to do...what to do? Or better yet, what do you have in your kitchen windows? Are they bare or do you have some type of curtains? I'd love to know!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Texas Football!

We love Texas football!

There are several large universities in Texas, but the two that have a standing Thanksgiving date is:

Texas A&M University
University of Texas.

One school is located in Bryan College Station,
the other is in Austin.
Both schools are prestigious and very different.
Here is a short video about Texas A&M University.

My children decided to attend Texas A&M so our entire family has become loyal Aggie supporters.
There's a spirit there that can not be explained, you just have to experience it!
AND experiencing it is truly an amazing event.
The Aggies have a saying that they never lose a game, they just run out of time.
Well, over the past few years, they've run out of time many times.
this year they have had many successes.
The last game was against Nebraska, and the Aggies won.
It was a big win for TAMU
and a hard lost for Nebraska {sorry my Nebraska friends,}
It was a total Maroon Out!
90+ thousand people attended.
 Looking at the stands, it was a sea of maroon.

My favorite Aggies

This Thursday is the big game.
So, after the turkey and apple pie, 
our family will all be gathering together for the big game.
We're hoping for a win!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cute, cute, cute!

Ok, this is just precious, especially if you love kittens.
Be sure to watch all the way to the end!

Famous...{not really.}

No...just found a great site: Big Huge Labs.
Have you tried it?
It's so much fun and the possibilities are endless!
Just download your pictures, design your own magazine cover, and press "Create"!

The picture I used is a wedding card I made from a couple's wedding invitation.
The steps are quite easy.
1. Cut down the invitation to fit your new envelope.
2. Glue this cover to another piece of cardstock to make a "card".
3. Add your well-wishes inside, a quote, or a Biblical verse.
This original invitation had the blue ribbon. I just ironed it and reused it.
I also included a gift card from their bridal registry.

 I adapted this neat craft from Sherry over at, Creations From My Heart. She makes amazing cards {and many other things.}When you have a chance, visit her site for loads of inspiration!

I'm joining Jules at The Persimmon Perch for her Saturday is Crafty Day. Be sure to drop by!

Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for her Metamorphosis Monday. Be sure to stop by her site as well.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Simple Table...

I have a confession.

I've been joining Susan and her Tablescape Thursday for over a year,
very rarly,
do I actually
the tables I set.
with this table setting...
I do use,
It's simple.
Just for the two of us.

A place for us to sit and talk about our day.

Add a simple centerpiece.

And a couple of simple candles.

And this simple couple is

Please drop by to visit Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for amazing tables and loads of inspiration.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy your day!

Just in case you're interested:
place setting - Bed Bath and Beyond - Westerly Basket
flatware - Oneida - Michelangelo
thrifted - candleholders, metal centerpiece
pumpkins - Dollar Store
candles - WalMart
fabric - Garden Ridge - {did you know they now sell fabric???}
glasses - Ross
beans - grocery store {ha! included just for fun!!}


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